Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve (-1/366)

Mason, lounging & enjoying Transformers while waiting for midnight
*should have been posted for* 
New Year's Eve, 2011

The last "prequel" photo is of my 5 yr old, Mason. Caught him in a rare state of non-movement :) New Year's Eve was spent at my honey's house, letting the kids make their own personal sized pizzas, watching Transformers movies, and seeing how long little ones (used to a 8 pm bedtime) would stay awake. Elijah (6) made it past midnight, but his little brother Mason passed out shortly before the ball dropped. Which, due to being on the wrong channel, we missed. My I was so wrapped up in Transformers 3, I didn't notice the time till 11:56, and the quickly turned on TV was tuned into MTV. I saw a New Year's party, people cheering, music, and a countdown clock. It never occurred to me the ball only drops on one channel...oh well, there's always next year...if the alien's don't come :)

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