Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Me .... (16/366)

Today's (yesterday's, to be accurate) is another self-portrait.

I've been a fan of raw, out-of-the-box self portraits for a long time. The kind that make you just stare, and think. the kind that awaken some kind of emotional understanding. The dramatic, enthralling, engaging, creative...

This woman is one of many I admire for her selfie abilities. (Please click. She's amazing!)

Unfortunately, I have zero experience in being in front of the camera, and less inhibition then a toadstool. I never did go to acting school, get a part in a high school play, or even try out, for that matter. I have wonderful ideas, in my head, but on paper (or digital file format), I fall far short from where I'd like to be.

Last night, I decided to try. And try I did
Love Lita Ford & Ozzy

And did again. 

And again.
ok, this isn't really trying....
Well over 200 photographs later...I gave up.

I don't pretend these are great. They really aren't. But they are a start.

After some editing, and a little thought, they grew on me a bit.

I suppose a good self-portrait shows one, as one is. These are actually a pretty good representation of me, as I am.


  1. These are great! I am much like you in that I have wonderful ideas but as far as getting in front of the camera you could say I'm camera shy. I did buy myself a tripod with the ideas of doing some but I haven't been able to persuade myself to do that. I believe that a picture can say 1000 words. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you! And you should totally try it! It's the most frustrating, but semi-good time thing...haha No seriously, I'd talk myself out of it if I allowed me to. So I just did it. Try it!

  3. These are great! I wish I could do this. Everytime I try to take a picture of myself it looks ridiculous and NOTHING like I thought it would.

  4. I love them! I can't get the courage to do any selfies yet (too self-conscious about my weight). I absolutely love the last one.. you totally got the "I'm done" vibe and look. :0) I really enjoy editing, don't you?? :0)

  5. These are awesome, I spotted them on 500px. They're full of emotion and captured very well! I'm really liking the 70's-esque post work too, excellent composition in #1 2 & 4. I would never have the guts to put myself out there like this, kudos!

  6. It can be frustrating! I agree with you, but these shots don't show you were frustrated at all! Great work girlie! I can't wait to see more selfies in the future! Have fun with it, as you are!!