Thursday, January 19, 2012

Minty, Artsy, Award-y (18/366)

*posting for yesterday*

It's a long one...bear with me :)

My oldest, Chris, has always been artsy, drawing & sketching mostly. He's in his junior year, which makes this the 12th year he's had art in a school based art show. But, this year is different.

A few months ago, he came to me and asked for inspiration, something he could use for a print-making project in art class. I gave him a printed copy of this photo I took a few years back.

Some time later, he brought home a plexi-glass etched print, and gave it to my mother as a gift. He mentioned he had been entered into some competition, and he'd hear back after a few weeks if he was a contender.

He did hear back. 

Last night was the awards ceremony. It was hosted by the local college, OCC, and M & T Bank. All art work chosen for an award will be displayed in OCC's gallery for about 5 weeks.

Out of 4500+ entries from all over central New York, about 250 kids were chosen for Gold Key Awards. Five or six of those kids got to move on to the national level competition. Chris wasn't one of those :(

(This is where I started feeling a huge sense of "man, I screwed up" as I watched all these talented kids getting recognition for their work..including photography.)

Anyway... 6 other kids were given Silver Key Awards. Chris *was* one of those!

This meant waiting almost 1.5 hours for all other names to be read...

I want to say, for the record, about 30 seconds before his entrance on to stage, I realized I might want to switch my camera to auto so i didn't screw up the most important shot. Then, I realized I didn't know where the auto setting was....
And I panicked...spun the wrong dial, and totally over exposed and under-focused. Sigh.

Afterwards, we found out that one of the perks of getting the Silver Key award is that, after the display period at OCC.....

his artwork will be displayed in Everson Museum of Art! ! 

"Nature's Consumption" by Christopher 
My kid is gonna have art on display in a MUSEUM!?!?! How cool is that?!

I know, these pics are soooo far off the charts, technically speaking..but I don't CARE! LOL Focus-schmocus! 

We got home about 10 pm. 

Did you notice "Minty" in the title of this blog? Did you notice anything minty about this blog so far? No? Well then please scroll down.

down some more.




Hello "minty"

Mom's birthday was Monday. We're celebrating tonight. After the awards ceremony, I made the ice cream cake. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, vanilla ice cream, & cookies 'n cream ice cream, with mint oreos surrounding, and oreo crumbs in between layers.

And because I had to dismantle mint oreos..

and because I needed a semi-good photo for the day...
(but only because the really IMPORTANT ones are so un-flickr-postable)

and because it was fun....

this, my friend, is the real 18/366 photo..... 

Someday, I'll tell you about my mint mixed with chocolate aversion. And, I'll finish the story of the car/plane wooden model building escapades from last week. 

Someday when I'm not busy. :)


  1. okay, I wasn't hungry until I saw this photo! LOL. Looks delicious! Your Mom was lucky with that cake! And congrats on your son! My favorite photo is of him turned around with that big grin! And everyone else is facing forward! Such a cool shot! I know you are very proud!! CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU!

  2. LOL Love the blog! LOL And Congratulations to your son! How proud you must feel! :0) Love the "official" pic for day 18. I agree with Heather, I love the picture of your son when he looks back from the crowd and has that huge grin! Kids are great! BTW, off subject, you DO NOT look like you are a mother of a Junior in high school. I could have sworn you were like, 22. LOL ;)) And now I'm craving mint chocolate chip... geesh!

  3. thanks ladies :) I am sooo proud of him, and excited for him! And the cake was delish..or so I heard. I don't do mint & chocolate mixed :P
    Angela, 22?! HAHA..I wish! :)