Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brass (7/366)

Today was a more relaxing day then normal. Slept in a bit, since no little ones were around to wake me up. Then ran several errands with the honey. We went to Wal-Mart, JoAnn's, AC Moore, & Sports Authority.  I had a few returns from unwanted or not-quite-right Christmas gifts, and he had a few things he needed to look for. I got some of the things I need to make my next project, a clothespin picture frame! Then, we tackled the grocery store, and ended the day with a wonderful dinner of steak, loaded baked potatoes & salad. Now, I'm sipping a yummy tropical rum drink, and blogging here. :)

Coming out of the grocery store, I saw dark menacing clouds, and a full moon visible against the afternoon blue sky.  The sun was setting fast. It was so pretty! By the time we got home, this was all that was left of the color.

I was disappointed I missed the moon slipping into the black clouds.

Now, the photo that closes the first week of my 366. I'm pretty happy I've made it this far! Silly, maybe..but if you knew how quickly I usually give up on challenging things I say I want to do...well, let's just say I'm considering a week a small victory.

In this photo, you'll see part of my boyfriend T's life rather then mine. These are pieces of a motorcycle being custom built by a guy he works with. I took about 20 pictures, and let T pick the ones I put together. These particular pieces were made by him, out of solid brass, with a cnc machine. When the black & gold bike is done, his name will be in a motorcycle magazine, since he's helped fabricate many of the parts!

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  1. I've noticed that the Moon has been up a little more early each day... usually for us I notice it even around 2 pm. Congrats! You have 51 weeks to go! We are there for you if you need any help!