Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random (3/366)

*posting for Jan 3rd*

Day three?! Yes, day THREE! 

Yesterday, I had a little pity party. It sounded a little something like this...
<Whiny voice on> 
I'm a sucky photographer. Why can't I have a photo as good as [insert random Flickr contact here]?
I don't have great natural light in my house, on a good day. On a normal day, I have ZERO natural light in my house, because I work 8 to 5, and don't get home til dark.
I don't have a computer built in this century, so I can't even edit photos to make them suck less. I want my computer, and my editing program, back.
I have a beautiful camera, with abilities beyond my comprehension..glaring obvious whenever I post something..blech. Maybe I should put it down, and join the "Verizon's Crappy Cellphone Pics Club" instead.
I'm not even funny. I need to stop pretending I am.
I know I have a really intense concept for a self-portrait in mind.... buuuuuut I will NEVER be able to make it look to "them" the way it does in my brain.
Besides, no talent. No computer. No light. No imagination. Boooooring. Remember?
I'm tired..why bother taking a photo today? Let's go home, do dishes, watch LOST, and sleeeeeeep.
Oh great, I'm doing it again... might as well kiss the 366 goodbye. Well done! High five! Two days, and the first didn't even count. You rock, girlfriend. Eyeroll.
<whiny voice off>
Feel like ya wanna barf too?

So I went home, turned off the fingernail-on-a-chalkboard, self-defeatist music in my head, picked up my camera, almost dropped it, then whipped up some rice to go with this:


Kids complained...(Moooooooom, we don't LIIIIKKKKKE it!) Oh well...I did.

Then, I decided I was tired of getting pine needles stuck between my toes. So, the de-holidaying of my house began. 

Let's have a moment of silent mourning please.

Carry on...

Not nearly as creative or wonderful as Jaime's Photo , I'll admit. Stupid tilt aside (see 2nd photo), I kinda like these...just not the uneventful, cold, devoid of holiday-ness winter months ahead.
My assorted decorations

Until Next Year

Then, I started randomly walking around the house. The little voice of "good god woman, you need LIGHT in your home..look at that grain! GRRRRR" popped out whenever it wanted...but it is what it is...and this is what it turned out to be:

What do you title a dresser portrait?

And last but not least, the "official" photo for Day 3...taken while Elijah & Mason were getting jammies on so we could read library books...

My Socks :)

Socks :)

To someone who loves warm fuzzy socks as much as I, the happiness in this photo needs no explanation. But, I'll explain anyway. My mom bought them for me, knowing fuzzy socks are secretly my first love. She says I was a grinch this year (say WHAT?!), and I needed the colors of Christmas to follow me throughout the next few months. And now, all "I was sooooo NOT a grinch" feelings aside, I happily wear my knitted socks every night.

All that to say...pity party went well once I got the music under control. A clown fell in the punch bowl, there's streamers in the dishwasher, and the cake tasted like play-doh...but all's well that end's well.


  1. Okay... the roast looks absolutely delicious. Your pic has my mouth watering! LOL And your pics of your Christmas decor coming down are great - don't every compare your photos to someone else. Everyone has their own style and unique taste. Those are great shots - the tilt makes that one photo even better in my opinion. :) Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Ms Socks says she wants a pair of socks like that for her birthday!!! And your roast made my tummy go up and down !! YUMMY! I'll eat that roast! Tell your kids they are crazy for not liking roast! LOL That's why we do the 365 to improve, get better, see others and get inspired! Work on goals ect! c= You'll get there!