Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wishful (25/366)

*posting for yesterday, of course*

Wow. 25 days in already.

Time flies, I guess. In a good way. Flying is good.

I have several photos from yesterday, scrambled topics like eggs. Shoes to toys to dead flowers to myself. And no, today's photo is not a selfie, despite my intentions yesterday to make it so. In fact, the only Jenn shots I got last night aren't fit to be viewed by a blind mole rat. Trust me. Really.

I suppose I have a non-traditional like for shoes. I don't like to amass large quantities in my closet. I just like how a discarded shoe cries. 

I mean, how would you feel if you were walked on all day, then just tossed into a heap when your use was exhausted?

And this guy was trying to trip me as I walked to the bathroom. Scout's honor. 

I retaliated by taking his photo. Someone asked me where his hat was. I'm assuming in the bottom of the toy bin with beyblades, hot wheels & other discarded toys.

Last but not least.... this, my dear reader, is the photo of the yesterday.... and one I'd add to my "could be a greeting card cover" collection, if I was inclined to have such a thing.

Oh no there you go
Looked away and
Missed the show
How much wasted time
Will you survive
Oh yeah fooled again
I don´t know how
And I don´t know when
Not much else to blame
But wishful thinking

~excerpt of "Wishful Thinking", The Doors

There's more outtakes & undesirables on my Flickr. Or just scroll down. Feel free to check them out.

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  1. Cool view of the shoes! And I like the little guy's face that tried to trip you. Looks like an evil grin!