Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Ketchup (27/366, 28/366 & 29/366)

*posting for previous 3 days*

**Hangs head in shame**

God, I know....I'm cheating. I took pictures every day. Promise. I just can't blog at home, right now. The wii is great for web surfing. Ok, not great...functional. Mostly, kinda functional. But, other then hit the "like" button on fb, there isn't much else I can DO. And, the computer was built in 1965. Plus 25 years. But 98 doesn't even understand what blogging, usb's, or jpeg's are. ((( Hurry up taxes..I want a new computer!!!! ))) And, well, I am too lazy to post 3 blogs just because I'm supposed to be posting a blog every day. Meh. 

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater :)

So, Friday (27/366), I took a quick snapshot. 

I decided since I was working on my own creativity, and also working on consistency, I couldn't *not* take any photo at all. I had no interest in setting up a still life. No desire to get out of my jammies and do a selfie. Certainly no desire to be on the internet in my jammies.

So I started getting sentimental, and decided that part of my 366 should be focused on the creativity of others in my life, namely my children & my ancestors. 

Here is a painting my daughter did for me a few years ago, one day when I was sad. 

As I'm remembering this event, she knew I had abandoned a plan to paint something on that very same wooden breakfast tray to give to *my* mom. I'm touched, all over again, at the sentiment. I love you, Kait!

Saturday (28/366), I had very special company coming. You wouldn't believe me if I told you... my ex-husband's most recent ex girlfriend. Long story. Good story. She's a great woman. We'd be awesome friends :) Anyway, While I was waiting for her to show up, I had nothing better to do then take advantage of the super sweet light rays coming in the window & my super-dee-duper make-up job... *roll eyes*

I will tell you that once again something was burnt in my oven while doing this self-portrait. You shouldn't even be surprised anymore.

Here's a outtake I think I might like 

After I posted it to Flickr, I noticed the gold zit on my chin. It's actually the tip of my bronze colored earrings..I should try to develop a better eye for these things, and a skill in cloning..

Sunday (29/366), I decided to continue the "artists in my life I want to feature". This one is an ink drawing done by my great-grandfather. I have many of his old drawings/sketches I want to frame at some point in life.

Don't ya just love the abstract-kinda-ness of it?

One day to go, and month one of this journey is put to bed!

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