Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Life (30/366)

*Posting for yesterday. I lied....it was not the last day of the month, but you already knew that, didn't you?*

Today, is my oldest's 17th birthday. 

Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of the day before I became a mom. I wish I could remember that day. Was I nervous? Excited? I'd assume both. Maybe I should try to find my journal from those days...take a step back in time.

I suppose part of why I'm loving this 366 project is that it's helping record my life, as I let it. I'm trying to allow the documentation mentality, more & more. It's a process learned, I think.

So many years are only remembered through fading memories, blurred by lost brain cells, hereditary memory loss  & circumstance. Many of my "early days" photos were ruined in a flood years ago. I saved a few, but most were destroyed. (mental note to self that one of today's photos *must* be a baby picture of my now-almost adult son. wow..almost adult. Be right back..need a heart transplant right quick.....

Ok, back to the post of the day...)

So anyway, last night, I decided to document. My kids, my house, my life as it unfolded in the last hours of the day. This is the story, as it wrote itself...

Monday night is "last chance to read library books" night. After dinner, we read "Give a Pig a Party", a Spongebob book, and "If I Ran a Zoo", by Dr. Suess. Always good for a few belly laughs! And, I learned if you read to a child who can read, they *will* correct your mistakes...no more add libbing..haha 

Then I allowed them a little last minute Pink Panther (the old style cartoon) watching on Netflix before bed.

While they were zoned out eating popcorn and trying desperately not to fall asleep, I snuck around my house, seeing what there was to see.

Dinner was eaten, but not cleaned up.

Shoes (or more accurately, boots) were strewn everywhere...

I tidied them up, some.

Back in the kitchen, I noticed that a remnant of just about everything we as a family drink was left for mom's photo-taking pleasure. Coffee creamer, apple juice, milk and water (who refused to make a cameo) are staples in our house.

Inspired by a close-up master, I sweet talked the toaster.

He was rude...just turned red, and ignored me. I didn't even get toast outta the deal. Wth

Then, it was sit down to a cup of warmed-up coffee (don't say ewwww...you know you do it too)...

And make a list of things I need for Chris' birthday dinner.

I didn't forget Saran Wrap this time. Gold star for me :)

Next was throw boys in bed...(they enjoy flying)...and leave them in the care of my teen boy so I can run off to grocery shop with my man. (I must remember to get his sexy face up here soon!) 
Some day, I'll stop being shy about using my camera in public...lol I bet the grocery store has a few good stories to tell :)

Last but not least, home to make the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake.

This would be the day's official photo. It doesn't look as yummy as the last cake pic I posted..but I for one am gonna LOVE the hell outta it, believe that!

And then.........falling asleep to the soothing tunes of a shark week rerun.

Only one more day to close out this month....promise.  Haha

Note ~ yes, I'm aware I had way too much fun editing these. Most of them needed a little help. It's all good. :)

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  1. Never knew I was the "close-up master" but I kinda like the name! Awesome blog and great work with your zoom.