Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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So I've been gone for awhile... if you still follow this blog, you know that. So i'd also like you to know that I've changed it up a bit, and the story of my life is now being broadcast here:

Story of my life, right now

Please follow me there. And I'll try to get back to checking in with you as well.


Monday, September 10, 2012

T.J. - the real deal

This is not a 366 post. 

I've abandoned that project (for now), in light of all the other craziness that is currently taking over my life. This is a mere follow up...

When you first met TJ, he was a small dog, full of stuffing & love.


Those floppy ears, lips meant for drool, and big brown eyes....

I just loved him to pieces. He was my puppy. And then.....

Yes, we named him TJ. Although it doesn't stand for Tim & Jenn....just how sappy do you think I am? 

Because his grandfather & father both topped 100 lbs, and because boxers make me laugh, he is 

                                                                          Titanic Jester

and much loved. Eleven weeks old, 24 pounds of big -pawed, even bigger hearted chew machine, full of pounce & puppy love.

And no, life isn't that simple yet. But sometimes, you just don't wait for simple. Sometimes, you go for rough tongues, nipped ankles, pig ears & lots of smiles. Sometimes, that's the only way.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hiding (46/366)

Murphy's law exploded all over my world yesterday.

Plumbing turned my kitchen into a little creek. I used to think the sound of trickling water was soothing.


One broke a glass, "cleaned it up". The multitude of shards I found when I got home? I'm pretty sure they parachuted out of the garbage can and landed back on the floor. Damn sneaky glass paratroopers.

Another decided to spin, and lost his balance, whacking his head on my faux brick fireplace. The bricks aren't faux. He *really* doesn't do blood well.

Tim came over, helped fix the plumbing, and brought antibiotic cream & butterfly bandaids. And hugs. 

Love his hugs. :)

Turns out, butterflies don't work on heads, unless you're Mr. Clean.


I don't like the composition of this.

I wasn't *really* hiding. Or maybe I was. At 10 pm, I didn't wanna deal with anymore stuff.

I'm glad I at least forced myself to pick up the camera.

But I'm not happy I didn't have time, or energy, to actually produce a shot worth the effort.

That's becoming the norm.


My Flickr

Thursday, February 16, 2012

TJ (45/366)

*yesterday's photo, on Flickr as well*

We like to keep Valentine's day simple. There's enough love in every other day to go around.

Because I want a boxer, but life isn't simple enough for that yet.

This little guy was left in my car for me to find Tuesday morning. It totally made my day.

T is for Tim. J is for Jenn. Can you get any more cliche? :)

Yes, it's aluminum foil. I was experimenting with ways to get more light in my house. More experiments needed, although this worked well.

My 6 yr old handed out all the "kiss me" lollipops to the boys in his class because he was afraid the girls would actually kiss him and that is "just gross". LMAO

A big thank you to my T. I love you <3


P.S. I can't get my Flickr stream to show up at the bottom of the blog anymore. I'm not sure how many of you dear readers are on Flickr, but I do put up alot of stuff there that I don't put here. If you're interested, here's the link.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my smile (44/366)

*posted for yesterday, as usual*

**cross-posted (in part) from Flickr**

god. I know this is bad. You should have seen the original. Oy vey.

I'm struggling with this 366.

I said no more excuses. I'm not making any. But I am learning there is a difference between excuse-making and reality-accepting.

Reality a mom of 4, with a full-time job, no computer at home, and no maid, time is not on my side.

I am full of ideas, even a few creative ones. I just don't have time to execute.

Some days, sleep is a bit more important. Some days, reading to the boys or putting extra effort into dinner or snuggling with my man take the priority cake.

What's better? No pic? A crappy pic that takes no effort & does nothing for the betterment of my craft? Camera winning over laundry? Taking 4 years to complete a 366?
I don't know.

I've missed 2 days so far. One day, I cheated & used a pic taken a few days prior. The 2nd missed day I just ignored and picked up count the next day. Either way, it just feels sucky.

And I really, really enjoy the blogging aka story-telling process too. Almost as much as the photos I end up liking. It's equally sucky to post a photo without the blog to match.

Anyway, whine over. Thank you for tolerating it, or ignoring it, whichever you chose.

Here's day 44.

The smile *is* 100% genuine, I promise.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Berry Invasion (43/366)

*posting for yesterday, and yes that means I missed another day, and I'm not making it up this time...just continuing count as if the day didn't exist...*

I don't have enough time to really do this photo justice with an explanation....

The short version is...these were made by me & Chris (mostly Chris) for his girlfriend for Valentine's day. 

Aren't they gorgeous???? The smell was HEAVENLY!

And this part was sooooo much fun! He took over most of the decorating, so I wanna do these again so *I* can play too! lol

Pie (42/366)

Saturday we celebrated my mother's husband's birthday. It was scalloped taters w/ ham, and homemade apple pie. 

Felt like I was cooking all day, but man, I really enjoyed it! I wish I had more time to be more domestic. Guess that's not really anything new..I just get reminded of it from time to time.

Last time I made apple pie, T said I did the slats on top wrong...LOL so this time, I made two pies, and asked him how he wanted his slats...this is what he asked for..

Best Friends (41/366)

I'm so behind...

My boys are best friends, and worst enemies, depending on which second you ask. They share everything...snacks, clothes, toys,  name it. I only hope the bond continues to grow deeper.

The other night (Friday to be exact), I found the boys sleeping, Elijah's arm around Mason. It was such a cool thing, and I wanted to hold them, at the moment, in my mind forever.

Friday, February 10, 2012

House Rules (40/366)

hey...I'm outta paper towels.

Yea, that's how I roll... the 3 socks in the foreground, dirty. The rest..clean and left spilt over from kids paws.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

on the inside (38/366)

*cheating. I chose sleep over 366 project last night. This was taken a few days ago. Sorry!*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Untitled (37/366)

*for yesterday, as always*

I'm having so much  Probably too much, but oh well! I bought some flowers the other day, and am still enjoying using them for my photos. I can't wait to get a different lens, someday. 

By the by, life is sweet these days..and getting sweeter. Happiness is a wonderful thing :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet Reese (33/366)

*posting for yesterday...*

Alright, so it's like this.

I'm finding it harder & harder every day to just FIND TIME to take these pictures. I mean, I'm hating myself for these quick snapshots. I want a showstopper, every day dammit! But it's just not realistic.

Yesterday, I was up at 5:45 am.
. Made coffee, breakfast for boys (ok, that really means I ripped open a Pop caught me), got dressed, provided clothing for them to get dressed, and woke up the pre-teen morning monster wrapped in a blanket..... I mean, wonderful daughter whom I just looooove waking up every morning.
. Out the door by 7:15 am, at work by 8. Work, work, work, leave at 4:30 pm.
. At sitter's by 5 pm.
. Doctor's appointment at 5:30, get there at 5:20. Wait to be seen.
. Make sure nurse understands 5 & 6 yr old haven't eaten dinner yet, and are likely to start ingesting the office plants.
. 6:20 pm...see doctor. (this is the part where Elijah pretended he was Mason, and actually fooled the doctor. Too bad he told on himself 10 seconds later. Mason's ruptured ear drum is all better now, too.)
. 6:45 pm....get home.
. 8:00 pm...evil mother duties done (aka discipline, a bit of yelling, enforcement of consequences, yada yada), as well as 6 yr old's homework. 5 yr old has been reminded that he should be *happy* he doesn't have homework, and mom won't tolerate tantrums, even if they are based on a desire to do school work..
. Also done are 2 loads of laundry, and a general house-pick up, as well as a quick dinner (holy crap! it wasn't frozen pizza!?)
. Read 2 library books to boys, tuck them into bed.
. 8:15 pm....sitting on couch, staring down over flowing laundry basket. Pick up wii remote to find Netflix material suitable for laundry folding time. Suddenly get sucked into your first ever solo game of MarioKart, and proceed to kick ass for the next 25 minutes.
. 8:40 pm...realize you are grinning ear to ear because you just whomped Luigi & Baby Peach, but are also moments away from turning into a pumpkin, and there's no milk for the morning.
. 8:55 corner store, succumbing to the impulse buy rack. Stupid pms.
. 9 pm ..... home. Toss a giant Reece's cup at the pre-teen daughter, kiss her on forehead and tell her you love her. Offer to split king sized pack with teen son, who refuses. You shrug, and head to living room.
. 9:05 realize, again, you are lacking a photo for the day. Take a bite of Reese's, get out camera.

. 9:07 pm....take another bite, figure they should all be in the shot

. 9:08 pm ....get an idea...and start laughing..

. 9:10 pm...have pre-teen daughter laughing at you because you're "weird"...

. 9:15 pm...put camera away, still chuckling. End the day on a great note.

PS...I thought the peanut butter cups tasted funny. I was told it's because I gave them a name. Lesson learned...don't eat anything you've already named.

Snuggle Time (32/366)

*posting for Feb 1st. Slacker's Anonymous dot Com, please send me log in info*

This is probably the worst pic I've ever taken. Cellphone camera even.

Technically, even though it was taken Feb 2nd, at 12:15 am, I'm still counting it because I hadn't gone to sleep yet.

It's my 366, I'll do what I

It had been  a very very busy day, and I got home waaaaayyyyyy late, and this is all you're gonna get from me when I remembered I hadn't yet taken my picture, and the kitty was already comfy, and the only things within my reach were 1) wii remote 2) water 3) phone.

I make (no more) excuses, or ado...

Hey, does this count as my selfie for the week? LOL

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

17th (31/366)

Well, it's official...I'm old. I have a 17 yr old! 

Last night (which I'm posting for..hehe), was the family birthday party. 

Family, plus Miranda. (a super sweet girl Chris has decided he really likes)

I didn't have much time for photos, because I was too busy cooking, laughing, eating, laughing, enjoying the people I love most being in my space, laughing, lighting candles, get the picture, right?

Finally, CAKE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Please make a wish. No, really...wish. Did ya wish yet? I mean, cream..not the greatest combination. Ummm...(30 seconds later) wish? yet?

Oh my gooooooodness, it was soooooooo good!

My little Elijah just loves to sick his head (and any other body part you allow) in every possible

Happy (now-belated) 17th Birthday, Christopher!

I <3 that boy!

Happy 17th anniversary of becoming a mom to me!


Happy 1st month of puzzle-piece collecting done!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Life (30/366)

*Posting for yesterday. I was not the last day of the month, but you already knew that, didn't you?*

Today, is my oldest's 17th birthday. 

Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of the day before I became a mom. I wish I could remember that day. Was I nervous? Excited? I'd assume both. Maybe I should try to find my journal from those days...take a step back in time.

I suppose part of why I'm loving this 366 project is that it's helping record my life, as I let it. I'm trying to allow the documentation mentality, more & more. It's a process learned, I think.

So many years are only remembered through fading memories, blurred by lost brain cells, hereditary memory loss  & circumstance. Many of my "early days" photos were ruined in a flood years ago. I saved a few, but most were destroyed. (mental note to self that one of today's photos *must* be a baby picture of my now-almost adult son. wow..almost adult. Be right back..need a heart transplant right quick.....

Ok, back to the post of the day...)

So anyway, last night, I decided to document. My kids, my house, my life as it unfolded in the last hours of the day. This is the story, as it wrote itself...

Monday night is "last chance to read library books" night. After dinner, we read "Give a Pig a Party", a Spongebob book, and "If I Ran a Zoo", by Dr. Suess. Always good for a few belly laughs! And, I learned if you read to a child who can read, they *will* correct your more add libbing..haha 

Then I allowed them a little last minute Pink Panther (the old style cartoon) watching on Netflix before bed.

While they were zoned out eating popcorn and trying desperately not to fall asleep, I snuck around my house, seeing what there was to see.

Dinner was eaten, but not cleaned up.

Shoes (or more accurately, boots) were strewn everywhere...

I tidied them up, some.

Back in the kitchen, I noticed that a remnant of just about everything we as a family drink was left for mom's photo-taking pleasure. Coffee creamer, apple juice, milk and water (who refused to make a cameo) are staples in our house.

Inspired by a close-up master, I sweet talked the toaster.

He was rude...just turned red, and ignored me. I didn't even get toast outta the deal. Wth

Then, it was sit down to a cup of warmed-up coffee (don't say know you do it too)...

And make a list of things I need for Chris' birthday dinner.

I didn't forget Saran Wrap this time. Gold star for me :)

Next was throw boys in bed...(they enjoy flying)...and leave them in the care of my teen boy so I can run off to grocery shop with my man. (I must remember to get his sexy face up here soon!) 
Some day, I'll stop being shy about using my camera in I bet the grocery store has a few good stories to tell :)

Last but not least, home to make the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake.

This would be the day's official photo. It doesn't look as yummy as the last cake pic I posted..but I for one am gonna LOVE the hell outta it, believe that!

And then.........falling asleep to the soothing tunes of a shark week rerun.

Only one more day to close out this month....promise.  Haha

Note ~ yes, I'm aware I had way too much fun editing these. Most of them needed a little help. It's all good. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Ketchup (27/366, 28/366 & 29/366)

*posting for previous 3 days*

**Hangs head in shame**

God, I know....I'm cheating. I took pictures every day. Promise. I just can't blog at home, right now. The wii is great for web surfing. Ok, not great...functional. Mostly, kinda functional. But, other then hit the "like" button on fb, there isn't much else I can DO. And, the computer was built in 1965. Plus 25 years. But 98 doesn't even understand what blogging, usb's, or jpeg's are. ((( Hurry up taxes..I want a new computer!!!! ))) And, well, I am too lazy to post 3 blogs just because I'm supposed to be posting a blog every day. Meh. 

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater :)

So, Friday (27/366), I took a quick snapshot. 

I decided since I was working on my own creativity, and also working on consistency, I couldn't *not* take any photo at all. I had no interest in setting up a still life. No desire to get out of my jammies and do a selfie. Certainly no desire to be on the internet in my jammies.

So I started getting sentimental, and decided that part of my 366 should be focused on the creativity of others in my life, namely my children & my ancestors. 

Here is a painting my daughter did for me a few years ago, one day when I was sad. 

As I'm remembering this event, she knew I had abandoned a plan to paint something on that very same wooden breakfast tray to give to *my* mom. I'm touched, all over again, at the sentiment. I love you, Kait!

Saturday (28/366), I had very special company coming. You wouldn't believe me if I told you... my ex-husband's most recent ex girlfriend. Long story. Good story. She's a great woman. We'd be awesome friends :) Anyway, While I was waiting for her to show up, I had nothing better to do then take advantage of the super sweet light rays coming in the window & my super-dee-duper make-up job... *roll eyes*

I will tell you that once again something was burnt in my oven while doing this self-portrait. You shouldn't even be surprised anymore.

Here's a outtake I think I might like 

After I posted it to Flickr, I noticed the gold zit on my chin. It's actually the tip of my bronze colored earrings..I should try to develop a better eye for these things, and a skill in cloning..

Sunday (29/366), I decided to continue the "artists in my life I want to feature". This one is an ink drawing done by my great-grandfather. I have many of his old drawings/sketches I want to frame at some point in life.

Don't ya just love the abstract-kinda-ness of it?

One day to go, and month one of this journey is put to bed!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Crayola (26/366)

*posting for yesterday*

Elijah had his crayons out for homework.

I was tired, and thankful he saved me topic contemplation.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wishful (25/366)

*posting for yesterday, of course*

Wow. 25 days in already.

Time flies, I guess. In a good way. Flying is good.

I have several photos from yesterday, scrambled topics like eggs. Shoes to toys to dead flowers to myself. And no, today's photo is not a selfie, despite my intentions yesterday to make it so. In fact, the only Jenn shots I got last night aren't fit to be viewed by a blind mole rat. Trust me. Really.

I suppose I have a non-traditional like for shoes. I don't like to amass large quantities in my closet. I just like how a discarded shoe cries. 

I mean, how would you feel if you were walked on all day, then just tossed into a heap when your use was exhausted?

And this guy was trying to trip me as I walked to the bathroom. Scout's honor. 

I retaliated by taking his photo. Someone asked me where his hat was. I'm assuming in the bottom of the toy bin with beyblades, hot wheels & other discarded toys.

Last but not least.... this, my dear reader, is the photo of the yesterday.... and one I'd add to my "could be a greeting card cover" collection, if I was inclined to have such a thing.

Oh no there you go
Looked away and
Missed the show
How much wasted time
Will you survive
Oh yeah fooled again
I don´t know how
And I don´t know when
Not much else to blame
But wishful thinking

~excerpt of "Wishful Thinking", The Doors

There's more outtakes & undesirables on my Flickr. Or just scroll down. Feel free to check them out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Window (24/366)

*posting for today*

This window has been begging for it's self-portrait via me....for years.

I love the textures, the discoloration of the brick (which I did enhance), the loneliness of the window (even though there's more windows outside the frame).

Anyhoo, here is my take on a old, lonely, weathered & beaten window.

Trust Love (23/366)

*posting for yesterday, relevant for today*

My daughter got me this beautiful bookmark for Christmas. I thought it worthy of its own daily photo feature. Using a book I received years ago, but haven't given enough attention, The Artist's Way, I set up this shot for day 23 last night while, once again, burning dinner.

When I was editing it, I noticed "we learn to trust" in part of the focused text. So appropriately timed, love & trust being entwined in the same space.  Perhaps that's just where I am, right now...seeking symbolism in everything. But I can't explain how comforting & much-needed that message was to me, this morning. Thank you, 366.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Quickies (20/366, 21/366, 22/366)

*posting for the last three days*

I'm not really in the right frame of mind for posting...but I need to catch up on the last few days. I have taken the pictures (because I refuse to quit this project), but have nothing profound, funny or even descriptive to say.

I wrote this on Flickr: 
"Actually, it's just that emotional well-being and creativity seem to go hand-in-hand. Some days, one gets in the way of the other. Some days, they blend & become one. Yesterday, they were't even on speaking terms."

That about sums it up.

I'll get better at this...eventually.

Blu, my mom's kitten ~ day 20/366

Typical Saturday Night ~ day 21/366

22 ~ day 22/366