Friday, February 3, 2012

Snuggle Time (32/366)

*posting for Feb 1st. Slacker's Anonymous dot Com, please send me log in info*

This is probably the worst pic I've ever taken. Cellphone camera even.

Technically, even though it was taken Feb 2nd, at 12:15 am, I'm still counting it because I hadn't gone to sleep yet.

It's my 366, I'll do what I

It had been  a very very busy day, and I got home waaaaayyyyyy late, and this is all you're gonna get from me when I remembered I hadn't yet taken my picture, and the kitty was already comfy, and the only things within my reach were 1) wii remote 2) water 3) phone.

I make (no more) excuses, or ado...

Hey, does this count as my selfie for the week? LOL

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  1. My cat snuggles right by my face too! This is adorable! It IS your project!! c ; have fun with it girl! Looks like you are so far!!!