Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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So I've been gone for awhile... if you still follow this blog, you know that. So i'd also like you to know that I've changed it up a bit, and the story of my life is now being broadcast here:

Story of my life, right now

Please follow me there. And I'll try to get back to checking in with you as well.


Monday, September 10, 2012

T.J. - the real deal

This is not a 366 post. 

I've abandoned that project (for now), in light of all the other craziness that is currently taking over my life. This is a mere follow up...

When you first met TJ, he was a small dog, full of stuffing & love.


Those floppy ears, lips meant for drool, and big brown eyes....

I just loved him to pieces. He was my puppy. And then.....

Yes, we named him TJ. Although it doesn't stand for Tim & Jenn....just how sappy do you think I am? 

Because his grandfather & father both topped 100 lbs, and because boxers make me laugh, he is 

                                                                          Titanic Jester

and much loved. Eleven weeks old, 24 pounds of big -pawed, even bigger hearted chew machine, full of pounce & puppy love.

And no, life isn't that simple yet. But sometimes, you just don't wait for simple. Sometimes, you go for rough tongues, nipped ankles, pig ears & lots of smiles. Sometimes, that's the only way.