Thursday, February 16, 2012

TJ (45/366)

*yesterday's photo, on Flickr as well*

We like to keep Valentine's day simple. There's enough love in every other day to go around.

Because I want a boxer, but life isn't simple enough for that yet.

This little guy was left in my car for me to find Tuesday morning. It totally made my day.

T is for Tim. J is for Jenn. Can you get any more cliche? :)

Yes, it's aluminum foil. I was experimenting with ways to get more light in my house. More experiments needed, although this worked well.

My 6 yr old handed out all the "kiss me" lollipops to the boys in his class because he was afraid the girls would actually kiss him and that is "just gross". LMAO

A big thank you to my T. I love you <3


P.S. I can't get my Flickr stream to show up at the bottom of the blog anymore. I'm not sure how many of you dear readers are on Flickr, but I do put up alot of stuff there that I don't put here. If you're interested, here's the link.

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