Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet Reese (33/366)

*posting for yesterday...*

Alright, so it's like this.

I'm finding it harder & harder every day to just FIND TIME to take these pictures. I mean, I'm hating myself for these quick snapshots. I want a showstopper, every day dammit! But it's just not realistic.

Yesterday, I was up at 5:45 am.
. Made coffee, breakfast for boys (ok, that really means I ripped open a Pop caught me), got dressed, provided clothing for them to get dressed, and woke up the pre-teen morning monster wrapped in a blanket..... I mean, wonderful daughter whom I just looooove waking up every morning.
. Out the door by 7:15 am, at work by 8. Work, work, work, leave at 4:30 pm.
. At sitter's by 5 pm.
. Doctor's appointment at 5:30, get there at 5:20. Wait to be seen.
. Make sure nurse understands 5 & 6 yr old haven't eaten dinner yet, and are likely to start ingesting the office plants.
. 6:20 pm...see doctor. (this is the part where Elijah pretended he was Mason, and actually fooled the doctor. Too bad he told on himself 10 seconds later. Mason's ruptured ear drum is all better now, too.)
. 6:45 pm....get home.
. 8:00 pm...evil mother duties done (aka discipline, a bit of yelling, enforcement of consequences, yada yada), as well as 6 yr old's homework. 5 yr old has been reminded that he should be *happy* he doesn't have homework, and mom won't tolerate tantrums, even if they are based on a desire to do school work..
. Also done are 2 loads of laundry, and a general house-pick up, as well as a quick dinner (holy crap! it wasn't frozen pizza!?)
. Read 2 library books to boys, tuck them into bed.
. 8:15 pm....sitting on couch, staring down over flowing laundry basket. Pick up wii remote to find Netflix material suitable for laundry folding time. Suddenly get sucked into your first ever solo game of MarioKart, and proceed to kick ass for the next 25 minutes.
. 8:40 pm...realize you are grinning ear to ear because you just whomped Luigi & Baby Peach, but are also moments away from turning into a pumpkin, and there's no milk for the morning.
. 8:55 corner store, succumbing to the impulse buy rack. Stupid pms.
. 9 pm ..... home. Toss a giant Reece's cup at the pre-teen daughter, kiss her on forehead and tell her you love her. Offer to split king sized pack with teen son, who refuses. You shrug, and head to living room.
. 9:05 realize, again, you are lacking a photo for the day. Take a bite of Reese's, get out camera.

. 9:07 pm....take another bite, figure they should all be in the shot

. 9:08 pm ....get an idea...and start laughing..

. 9:10 pm...have pre-teen daughter laughing at you because you're "weird"...

. 9:15 pm...put camera away, still chuckling. End the day on a great note.

PS...I thought the peanut butter cups tasted funny. I was told it's because I gave them a name. Lesson learned...don't eat anything you've already named.

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  1. Thanks for the advice! LOL. Cute photos! It made me giggle!! c ; no you are not weird. I like playing with my food and taking photos at the same time fo them! LOL.