Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trust Love (23/366)

*posting for yesterday, relevant for today*

My daughter got me this beautiful bookmark for Christmas. I thought it worthy of its own daily photo feature. Using a book I received years ago, but haven't given enough attention, The Artist's Way, I set up this shot for day 23 last night while, once again, burning dinner.

When I was editing it, I noticed "we learn to trust" in part of the focused text. So appropriately timed, love & trust being entwined in the same space.  Perhaps that's just where I am, right now...seeking symbolism in everything. But I can't explain how comforting & much-needed that message was to me, this morning. Thank you, 366.


  1. Beautiful picture and the symbolism is wonderful. Such a great message. I needed some reminding of that as well. :0) Thank you!

  2. Yes, thanks for sharing! What a beautiful book mark. I love the bokeh on the heart!!! Amazing shot too by the way!