Friday, January 20, 2012

Alone (19/366)

So yesterday (which I'm posting for) was crazy...but that seems to be an ongoing theme these days.

I'm finding myself really wishing I had more time to do everything....anything other then work, sleep & clean... LOL

Mom's birthday celebration was last night. Dinner was chicken stir-fry, complete with broccoli, snow peas, water chestnuts, baby corn thingies, and scallions. We also had salad, and this cake. (Only click if you didn't see yesterday's blog..or you did, but want to re-taste the eye candy ;) )  The meal was really yummy, and colorful. I would have taken pictures & used them as day 19...but I fear food will take over my 366, bite by bite :/

We laughed, talked over coffee, watched some really really stupid (but amazingly still entertaining) video. Apparently it's Toby Keith's new popular song? One of those things that makes you smile like a fool while shaking your head in self-disappointment that you're enjoying it. 

Everyone had to leave around 8, and I shuffled (some very wound up, crazy) kids to bed, and after a little (very little) clean up & a shower, I plopped on the couch. It occurred to me I hadn't done my photo yet. Unless this counts....I have a thing about always finding re-occurring numbers, and this was what I found when I got in the car to leave work. Hello cell-phone pic!

Anyway, it was almost 9pm, and I needed a real photo. I got up, got my camera, and re-plopped. I contemplated the DPS assignment, Green. Nothing within eye-shot was green, except my living room wall.

I painted my small living room walls a dark green, in a act of defiance & liberation when I kicked out my now-ex husband. Everyone said I was nuts. I really like it, but will probably end up re-painting a lighter color eventually.

Anyway, I sat there, and continued to think green. And then hot tea. LOL Don't ask where the connection is..I have no clue. I made myself a cup of tea, and set it on a small side table I hand-painted once upon a lifetime ago. (remind me someday to show you the beautiful, but chipping top)

I looked at the clock...almost 10 now. Still no photo. And then it came to me...

It's simple...but effective, I think. Yes, that's my living room wall, although it's not *that* dark, or that brown-ish, in person. I really hoped to catch the steam. But that's an attempt for another night.


  1. Loving the textures and the simplicity of this shot is awesome! :0) What tone did you use? I really like it!

  2. I don't remember? LOL I did all kinds of stuff...texture, curves, I have no idea what I did :/ Glad you like it!

  3. Some of the best photos I come up with are last minute photos! Love it!