Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Explosion (17/366)

*posting for yesterday, as always*

Yesterday was nuts. Lots to do, and not enough time. After working all day (and actually WORKING! Go figure!) I went home, did the usual dinner, house pick-up, 8 loads of laundry, etc. 

Dear readers, you *almost* got a shot of laundry mountains..collaged with a full basket of unmatched socks. Yes, full. It's sad really, my aversion to matching socks. But since I figured laundry, dishes & dirty floors were too mundane, I managed to pick up the camera for literally 5 minutes before bed. 

I was going for a water drops on a cd shot. I've seen many that were really cool, and wanted to give it a quick try. I figured set-up would be quick, and I was sooo tired. I threw a cd on the table, dripped a few drops on it, set up tripod, zoomed in for first shot and was instantly struck by these streaks of colors coming off the cd. I forgot all about water drops. Looking at it now, I see the one water drop that made it into focus blurred the colored line, so I will be definitely be experimenting with this idea again.


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  1. I love these shots! I can't believe that a cd can be so colorful!! c= Great shot too! It looks amazing!