Thursday, January 12, 2012

A no-pic kind of day (11/366)

*posting for yesterday*

I was in a funk. All day. Almost decided to intentionally skip the photo. Ignore the camera. Seemed stupid, pointless, wasted time. I have so many better things to do.

Like help Mason (my 5 yr old) have a good night, because he's sick. Again.

Yes, I know he doesn't look sick. But he was running a fever, and as of this morning I'm pretty sure at least one ear is infected. Joy.

So, I stopped by a drugstore, scooped up an easy dinner & some children's advil, and went home. Perfectly content with the idea that today wasn't a picture day. 

Before dinner was even ready, Mason & Elijah (my 6 yr old) ambushed me, for the 36th time since Sunday night. See, last weekend, Christmas-at-Daddy's, they got this really cool 4 in 1 set of wooden model stuff...a plane, a car, a birdhouse, and a bird feeder. You'd think that me, the crafty type, would be all over this...right? Yea. No. Last night it was, if you do your homework, and we have time, we'll work on it. They forgot about half way through homework, and I was ok with that. Tonight? No homework. Just one sick boy, and one very eager-to-build boy. So, I promised as soon as dinner was over, we'd start on it. 

And since Elijah wolfed dinner down, and Mason picked at 3 bites, start on it we did.

Turns out, these weren't what I imagined. I'm not sure where I got my "this is how a wooden model building project will be" impression. I mean, I've never built any. Never watched any being built. Somehow I thought it would be a very easy, five minutes and we're done, kinda thing.

I was wrong. Yay for assumptions? No.

There is no snap in place. There is no wave of a magic wand and *presto!*. Crap. What there is are these tiny little slippery wooden pieces that apparently you're supposed to sand. (I skipped that step) Then, you use the paint brush to apply the glue to the shaded (on the crappy instruction sheet) areas of the wooden pieces. Then you try oh so hard to hold those slippery gluey pieces in the right place til they dry enough to let go. And hope you didn't glue your fingers to them...

I think it took about 40 minutes for me to finish a airplane & a race car. 

The boys graciously stood by and watched as Mom bit her tongue, fiddled, glued wrong, tore apart, fumbled, threw instructions in a fit of momentary disgust, then FINALLY pronounced "Done!" 

They were quite happy, until I said they couldn't paint them til tomorrow...stupid glue. Guess what we're doing tonight?

Don't you just love the dust on my table?

Amazing as they are, and determined to just hop from one fun thing to the next, they both promptly declared they wanted a bubble bath. A what???

My kids haven't had a bubble bath in years. Not since Elijah screamed in terror one day at the sight of white puffy glittery bubbles rising out of the bathtub.

No screams this time.

I did find out that my bathroom is not conducive to good photography. Never has been, never will be. I'm ok with it. I'm already planning my next house's design based purely on 2 things...natural light & number of toilets.

Mason likes to lick hair? Oh dear god...the stories I'm gonna have to tell about him :)

So there ya have it...a day when I thought I had decided not to pick up my camera at all. But hey, I built a plane, a car...
Offical 11/366 photo btw
And grabbed future blackmail opportunities....

And went on a date with my T pics of that :P

And we all had smiles before bed. ;-)


  1. Love it! For someone who didn't want to take any pics, you sure came up with quite a montage. :0) Love the story behind it! LOL

  2. Your babies are too cute! I like the story boards! Good job girl! c=