Thursday, January 5, 2012

Challenge accomplished (4/366)

*posting for January 4th*

I know readers here have already heard how wonderful the natural light is in my house..haha But, since "excuses" is on my list of "less" for 2012, I decided that "I don't get home til after dark", and "photos will always be crappy because I can't afford a light set up", and other such things I have said in the past were no longer (at least for yesterday) going to come out of my mouth. No way! 

While cooking a second (frozen) pizza I started brain storming, experimenting, and thinking outside my comfort zone. I got out a few candles, a small mirror, determinedly turned my ISO setting from "auto" to 400, and took about 65 photos over the course of the next hour. I got 2, maybe 3, that matched my vision. 

P.S. Yea, an hour. The laundry still, right. this. very. second., isn't folded, lying in heaps in my living room. Which is also strewn with toys, library books, and probably a candy wrapper. And yep, I feed my kids frozen pizza's. But don't worry...they ate the first one. The second one, well...did I say 65 photos? It was probably more like 165. I kinda lost track of time. Apparently said children think blackened pizza is *almost* as un-appealing as the roast from the other night. I really do try to make balanced meals most of the time. Ya know.. protein, carbs, fruits & veggies. Last night was a possible fail. No wait....popsicles have fruit juice in them...phew! Mom-of-the-Year awards are accepted via blog comment box, thank you. My publicist will be in touch.

~ back to reality 

I was thrilled, no..... ecstatic! when I saw this shot on the LCD. I even put my memory card into my wii to make sure...and even though my TV is half green, I could tell I was going to love it! (swear to God, this fall/winter has been HELL on all electronics in my house.) I couldn't wait to get to work today,  get into picnik, fix 'er up and post it. As it turns out, all I did was add my "watermark". And, innerly twitch a bit at the tilt..I think my head is screwed on crooked.

This is a really simple message, to my honey.

I'm so in love with this image. Not just because I think it's nice (which I do), but because I'm proud of me for creating it. I tried, challenged, and did it!

Four down, three hundred sixty two to go :)


  1. I love it! Such an elegant and simple approach to convey such a beautiful message. The lighting works beautifully. :))

  2. The light sets such a romantic tone! Your challenge rocked 110%! Can't wait to see more challenges from you!!!

  3. This is a beautiful shot! Low light pics are hard to do and not have them turn out totally grainy and you succeeded.

  4. Thank you ladies! I'm so glad you confidence booster :)