Friday, December 30, 2011

The Office (-2/366)

Step into my office...I got somethin' to show you.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a rum girl. I don't drink alot, but when I do, 99.9% chance, it's rum. You'd be amazed how mind-numbing-ly, tongue-tingling, toe-curling, oh-dear-my YUMMY Diet Cherry Coke & coconut rum are when ya throw them in a glass together.

Anyway, it was only fitting when my brother gave me a big bottle of this savory liquid for Christmas. The day after, he handed me a tiny bottle of Malibu Black as a "day after Christmas, because it wasn't ready to give you *on* Christmas" present. His original plan was to find a small glass box, and a itsy bitsy hammer to go with. He couldn't, so he settled for giving it with the good intentions, instead.

The Office

I work at a small family owned business, with my father, 3 brothers, a few family friends that are more family then friends. There's plenty of benefits to working with family...flexible schedules, understanding of my single mom status when one of my kids texts, calls, or drags me to the doctor's. But, there are challenges too...who makes coffee, who is the boss when Dad isn't here, who left the multi-gender bathroom's toilet seat up. Did I mention I'm the only girl? Thankfully, I'm the oldest sibling so I at least have 3 little brothers I can beat on when the frustrations get to be overwhelming! And, because Dad raised them so well, they can't hit back...hahaha
This is why it's perfectly understandable, and funny in my little corner of the wholesale tire sales world, that my stash of office supplies now includes a mini bottle of fun, or sanity, depending on what day it finally gets opened. :)

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  1. Lucky for you it's a family owned business. I'm sure you could sneak some of that in your OJ when you are having a rough morning!! c= Happy New Years!!!